The soleus is located in the superficial posterior compartment of the leg. The soleus exhibits significant morphological differences across species. It is unipennate in many species. In some animals, such as the rabbit, it is fused for much of its length with the gastrocnemius muscle . In humans, the soleus is a complex, multi-pennate muscle. Soleus has provided me with an unlimited amount of opportunities to expand my reselling potential and maximize my profits. Less than 2 weeks into my first month, I was able to cook some funkos thanks to Eurvs detailed release guides and was able to cover the cost of my first membership Soleus Syndrome [edit | edit source] Another cause of medial pain (posteriomedial aspect of ankle) just above the medial malleous is the soleus syndrome. It occurs because of abnormal sliping of soleus muscle from its normal origin site and is similar to exertional campartment syndrome and commaly seen in dancers and athlets For the past 20 years, the SoleusAir Brand has been a leader in the air conditioning industry. Known as the leading innovator in product design and new technology. SoleusAir has also pioneered many technologies that are now standard. The foremost is the Portable Air Conditioner. Other technologies introduced include Dual hose, Heat Pump, Multi.

Running is the life for me. Outside, on a trail, at the beach, in the woods, on the street, up the mountain, down the block, across town...running is the life for me. GPS Watches. View all. Soleus Versatile GPS Smart Watch. Regular price. $149 Soleus muscle pain is common and can be a real nuisance due to that fact that the muscle's main function is to stabilize the ankle joint and help push the foot off the ground

model: pmx-08-01 . features • turbo cool • mytemp sensor • digital thermostat • sleep mode • 24 hour timer • dehumidifier mode • ultra quiet operatio musculus triceps surae: trojhlavý sval lýtkový: M. triceps surae: pohled na m. soleus; mm. gastrocnemii jsou částečně odříznuté. TA: A04.7.02.04 Soleus Oy on ortopedisten apuvälineiden ja protetiikan erikoisliike, erikoisproteesipaja. Valmistamme yksilöllisiä apuvälineitä mittojen mukaan, kuten tukipohjallisia, kenkiä, ortooseja, muita jalkatukia, murtumatukia, käsilastoja, nenä- ja kasvomaskeja sekä lemmikkien apuvälineitä. Toimimme yhteistyössä sairaaloiden, lääkäreiden ja muun terveydenhuollon henkilöstön kanssa

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MANUFACTURER. SOLEUS HOME COMFORT HAS NOT CONDUCTED INDEPENDENT TEST TO THE INFORMATION AND THE SPECIFICA-TIONS PRESENTED HEREWITHIN. (1) Portable Dehumidifier (1) Operating Instructions (4) Casters (1) Pump Drain Hose Kit (Hose, Adapter and Gasket) Model Number HMT-D70EIP-A Dehumidifying Capacity 70 Pints per da The soleus (also soleus muscle, latin: musculus soleus) is a powerful muscle of the posterior group of the lower leg muscles originating from the head of fibula and soleal line of tibia and inserting onto the calcaneal tuberosity of calcaneus altogether with the gastrocnemius

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  1. SOLEUS une société du groupe ISCE. Le Groupe iSce est le leader Français indépendant spécialiste du contrôle et de l'aide à la mise en conformité des installations sportives et récréatives, délivrant à ses clients des services à haute valeur ajoutée afin de les aider à répondre aux défis croissants liés à la qualité, à la sécurité, à la protection de l'environnement.
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  3. The soleus is a large muscle on the back of your lower leg. This powerful muscle arises from the back of your shin bone and attaches to your heel bone as part of the Achilles tendon. The soleus muscle is active during activities like walking, running, and jumping. Injury to the soleus may affect your ability to perform these basic but necessary.

The soleus is the plantar flexor muscle of the ankle. It is capable of exerting powerful forces onto the ankle joint. It is located on the back of the lower leg and originates at the posterior. The soleus is a fairly under-appreciated muscle next to its larger neighbor, the gastrocnemius. It holds some value from a clinical and performance perspective, but focusing on the gastroc likely will provide more yield. Soleus strains are fairly rare, gastroc strains are very common The soleus muscle is one of three muscles located in the calf. The other two muscles in the calf are the gastrocnemius and the plantaris. The soleus is located on the back of the leg and it begins. ALL NEW SOLEUS REEL BY FAVORITE FISHING USA, Ratios: 6.6:1 and 7.3:1, Line Capacity: 12LB/120YDS, 10+1 Ball Bearings Contains Ceramic Spool Hi-Speed Spool Bearings, Aluminum Frame, Stainless Steel Internal Components, Exclusive Internally Controlled Breaking System, 20lb Drag Capacit

The latest tweets from @soleus The soleus muscle is one of the calf muscles (triceps surae) in the superficial posterior compartment of the leg which sits deep to gastrocnemius.It is much bigger than gastrocnemius and is the primary plantar flexor. Summary. origin: fibula and medial border of the tibia (soleal line) via the inverted 'U' tendinous arch; insertion: tendo calcaneus (Achilles tendon) into mid-posterior calcaneu Musculus soleus. De musculus soleus (of scholspier) is een spier in het onderbeen. De spier wordt geïnnerveerd door de nervus tibialis die een vertakking is van de nervus ischiadicus (ruggenmergsegment S1 - S2 ter hoogte van wervel LI). Het is een brede spier in de oppervlakkige laag aan de achterzijde van het scheenbeen en kuitbeen, beiden in. Jídelní stůl Soleus (pre 4 až 8 osob) -10%. Skladem > 5 ks Dodáme do čtvrtka 15.7. Vrácení zboží do 60 dnů. Vnější rozměry: Výška: 77 cm. Šířka: 135 cm. Hloubka: 86 cm. Hmotnost:40.6 kg Soleus: Pain & Trigger Points. The soleus is a muscle of your calf. If it is tense or carries trigger points, it can cause various ailments and pains. With a self-massage you can relieve tensions and trigger points and thus free yourself from pain triggered by this muscle. On this page you will find exercises and instructions for such a self.

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soleus definition: 1. a muscle in the back of the leg, below the knee 2. a muscle in the back of the leg, below the. Learn more Soleus Air PSH-08-01 12,000 BTU/8,000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan with Remote Control, 3 speeds, Turbo Cool, 24 Hour Timer, Auto + Sleep Mode, Filter, 350 sq.ft. room, white. 1.0 out of 5 stars The soleus is a broad, large muscle located in the posterior leg, inferior and deep to the gastrocnemius muscles. Compared with the gastrocnemius, the soleus is narrower and has a less robust vascular supply. The soleus consists of two muscle bellies, medial and lateral, which are separated by a midline septum distally

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  1. Soleus definition is - a broad flat muscle of the calf of the leg lying immediately beneath the gastrocnemius
  2. The soleus muscle is a large, broad, and rather long muscle located at the posterior aspect of the leg. It is a bipenniform muscle consisting of a lateral and a medial head. The lateral head originates from the fibula head and body and the medial head originates from the medial side of the middle third of the tibia
  3. Soleus Rise Activity se nosí na zápěstí, stejně jako náramkové hodinky. Je vybaven užitečnými funkcemi, které sledují kroky, spálené kalorie a spánek. Všechny potřebné údaje zobrazuje super ostrý OLED displej. Kompatibilní se Soleus GO! app. Funkce:- 3D accelerometer: počítá kroky a ujetou vzdálenost
  4. The soleus is one of the muscles of the posterior compartment of the leg. It is a relatively superficial muscle with just one other muscle overlying it, the.

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Der Musculus soleus ist ein Skelettmuskel der zur Unterschenkelmuskulatur zählt. Er arbeitet eng mit dem Musculus gastrocnemius zusammen, weshalb beide Muskeln in der anatomischen Literatur auch als Musculus triceps surae zusammengefasst werden. Klicken und ziehen, um das 3D-Modell auf der Seite zu verschieben Soleus är den breda, djupa vadmuskeln.Den har sitt ursprung vid vadbenets och skenbenets övre del samt fäster vid hälsenan i hälbenet. Dess funktion är att sträcka i vristled.Soleus fungerar som synergist till Gastrocnemius.. Vid styrketräning tränas denna muskel mest effektivt vid sittande vadpress, som utförs med böjda ben i jämförelse med stående vadpress som utförs med raka With its effective cooling, ultra-quiet operation, and ease of installation, the power Saddle AC is the best choice for your rooms! Our unique saddle design. Le muscle soléaire (soleus) et les structures alentour, tiré du Gray's Anatomy, en vue postérieure de la jambe droite, la majeure partie du muscle gastrocnémien (gastrocnemius) ayant été retirée. Le muscle soléaire est un muscle puissant situé en arrière de la jambe

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  1. Soleus Versatile GPS Smart Watch. Regular price $149 View. GPS Turbo. Regular price $99.95 View. GPS One. Regular price $69.99 View. GPS Mini + HRM. Sold Out View. GPS Sole + HRM. Regular price $99 View. Navigation. Shop.
  2. 2656. FMA. 51062. Anatomical terms of muscle. The triceps surae is a pair of muscles located at the calf - the two- headed gastrocnemius and the soleus. These muscles both insert into the calcaneus, the bone of the heel of the human foot, and form the major part of the muscle of the posterior leg, commonly known as the calf muscle
  3. El músculo sóleo (musculus soleus) es un músculo ancho y grueso ubicado en la pierna que se encuentra en su cara posterior, debajo y por detrás de los gemelos, estando implicado en la bipedestación.Está estrechamente conectado con el gastrocnemio y algunos anatómicos lo consideran un solo músculo: el tríceps sural.Su nombre deriva de la palabra latina solea, que significa sandalia

The soleus wall sit is an exercise I picked up from Chris Johnson in 2018 at one his running seminars. I immediately liked this exercise because it allowed easy loading of the soleus in a wall sit position. There's no better way to kill two birds with one stone A musty smell is one of the easiest portable air conditioner problems and solutions to fix. This odor often indicates the growth of mold or mildew. When an air conditioner retains water, mold spores find it to be an ideal breeding ground. If you get rid of it, the smell will go away. Inspect the drain pan and drain line, evaporator coils and. Soleus strains. Strains of the soleus vary in reported occurrence from rare to common [3, 5, 8, 9].Soleus muscle injury may be underreported due to misdiagnosis as thrombophlebitis or lumping of soleus strains with strains of the gastrocnemius [9, 10].Unlike the gastrocnemius the soleus is considered low risk for injury Soleus trigger point diagram, pain patterns and related medical symptoms. The myofascial pain pattern has pain locations that are displayed in red and associated trigger points shown as Xs The Soleus is a broad flat muscle situated immediately in front of the Gastrocnemius. It arises by tendinous fibers from the back of the head of the fibula, and from the upper third of the posterior surface of the body of the bone; from the popliteal line, and the middle third of the medial border of the tibia; some fibers also arise from a.


  1. Soleus strains are caused when the ankle is flexed upward (e.g. toes toward the sky) while the knee is also flexed or bent. This is a common position for individuals that are running uphill, and the injury, while generally uncommon, is more common in long-distance runners or individuals that run very frequently
  2. The Soleus Air KY120 is the best Soleus 12000-BTU portable AC, making it the perfect portable unit for small-medium spaces. Like other Soleus units, this one has a remote with LCD display, touch-button console with LCD temperature display, and 24-hour on/off timer with auto-restart. The unit can be set from 64 to 90 degrees F
  3. Comments. In the seated calf raise (knees flexed approximately 90º), the gastrocnemius are virtually inactive while the load is borne almost entirely by the soleus. Also see dorsiflexion inflexibility.. In moderate force, the soleus is preferentially activated in the concentric phase, whereas the gastrocnemius is preferentially activated in the eccentric phase (Nardone & Schiepatti, 1988)
  4. The soleus muscle belly extends far distal to the gastronemius, along the proximal portions of the Achilles tendon. The point at which the gastrocnemius aponeurosis merges with that of the soleus is a few centimeters below the lower margin of the gastrocnemius muscle belly
  5. This is a more advanced way to use the whole body to stretch the back of the entire lower leg, including the calf (gastrocnemius), soleus, Achilles tendon, and even the hamstrings to some extent. If you are familiar with yoga, this stretch is similar to the downward-facing dog pose

Soleus strains also tend to be less dramatic in clinical presentation, and much less acute when compared to injuries of the gastrocnemius. The classic symptoms indicating a soleus strain are tightness in the entire calf muscle, stiffness, and pain that increases in intensity over several days or weeks SPRING INTO ACTION The first to incorporate Integrated Spring Technology (iST®), the Soleus provides natural movement with a progressive, 3-staged response and superior range of motion. The foot integrates Intelliweave composite springs through a tough, flexible plantar belt that responds to varying impacts. The unique, scaled design also provides 10 mm of vertical compliance for unbeatable. The Soleus Air PMX-10-01 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with MyTemp Remote Control is packed with industry-leading features that are ready to use right out of the box. The smart design makes this air conditioner easy to install and simple to operate. Choose from 3 fan speeds in cooling or fan-only modes for customized airflow Besøk klinikken i Oslo og les om massasje og våre andre behandlinger - Finn ut mer om fordelene med bedriftsmassasje og hvordan det hjelper våre kunder

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I Generally Instruct Patients to Stretch the Soleus Muscle in 1 of 3 Ways. (although there are many variations). 1. The first is similar to the runners stretch, but the back knee is bent instead of straight. 2. The second requires the foot to be dorsiflexed (top of foot pulled back toward you) and supported by a wall or step with the knee bent. 3 by Soleus Air. $195.99$249.99. Free Shipping. The Soleus Air Home/Auto HEPA Air Purifier is a compact, yet effective air purifier that excels in use in automobiles and offices. Its replaceable 4-in-1 HEPA filter removes up to 99.97% of air impurities measuring 0.3 microns in diameter While true soleus injuries are rare, overuse—a dull, recurring, annoying pain—is very common in runners, Holland says. One of the big things that people forget about the calf is the fact.

A broad, flat muscle that extends behind the gastrocnemius along the back of the calf. 1995, Kiyonori Harii, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, page 488: At one, three, six, 12, 24, 48 and 72 hours' postburn period, the bilateral soleus muscles were removed and immediately incubated in Kreb-Henseleit bicarbonate buffer [ Favorite Fishing Soleus Casting Reels. Carefully designed over the past two years, the Favorite Fishing Soleus Casting Reels utilize premium components, like Spool High Speed bearings, and an aluminum frame to optimize performance. $129.99. Favorite Fishing Soleus XCS Casting Reels. Benefiting from years of development and testing, the Favorite. The Soleus Air saddle AC will remove up to 30 pints (6K model) or 34 pints (8K unit) of moisture in Dehumidifier Mode. Auto Mode - Let the AC decide what level of cooling and fan speed will most efficiently do the job. When room temp is below 75F, it will run the fan only. Above 75F, and the AC will be used

Soleus Writes is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Soleus Writes and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Soleus Philippines. 28,083 likes · 13 talking about this. WE ARE RUNNERS. Fast, slow, road, trail, uphill, downhill, forwards, backwards, at peace, filled with rage.

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14 reviews of Soleus International I bought a Portable Air Conditioner from this company at a retailer near my house. Never was told that warranty only applies if I ship the product and cover the costs of shipping. The equipment cost me $380 and few months after started using, the AC started to make a very loud noise that progressively went louder and louder until was impossible to keep it on Soleus Air Conditioner Problem : LCD display showing H8 Possible reason: the backup water tank is full Solution: Dry the water tank If the H8 I still have displayed after emptying the water tank, contact customer service.You Can Learn abu The soleus muscle is composed primarily of type I muscle fibers (postural control) and the gastrocnemius is composed primarily of type II muscle fibers (power and mobility).Therefore the soleus gets shortened in individuals who have a history of standing for longer durations The soleus video was very timely as I've just 'tugged' my soleus on my last run. Being a new runner, I really want to nip this problem in the bud. I have a constant issue with my R hip with running as well, but I've signed up for the 30 day challenge and just reviewed the information on the glutes so I'm going to add in more hip hikes.

Soleus muscle, a flat, broad muscle of the calf of the leg lying just beneath the gastrocnemius muscle. It arises from the upper portions of the tibia and fibula, the bones of the lower leg, and then joins with the gastrocnemius to attach via the Achilles tendon at the heel. Its major action i The Soleus originates in two places and inserts in one. It originates at the posterior side of the fibula (back of the smaller shinbone) as well as the posterior side of the tibia (back of the bigger shinbone). At these two places, being the origins, the muscle is least moveable Summary of Soleus Air advantages: Low profile, super-quiet operation, and easy installation. Over-the-sill air conditioners are the new revolutionary types of AC units.It's not a far-fetched dream that in 10 years, everybody will replace their existing window AC units with the new saddle air conditioners

Verloop van de musculus soleus De soleus is een kuitspier en wordt ook wel de scholspier genoemd, omdat de vorm van de spier lijkt op de schol (vis). Deze spier begint bij het bovenste gedeelte van het kuitbeen en bij de achterzijde van het bovenste gedeelte van het kuit- en scheenbeen. De spier loopt over [ soleus. 名詞. 1. 腓腹筋 の下 の 足の ふくらはぎ にある 広い 平坦な 筋肉. ( a broad flat muscle in the calf of the leg under the gastrocnemius muscle) 「soleus」に関する類語一覧. 索引 用語索引 ランキング Klinik Soleus i Sønderborg er en klinik for alternativ behandling. Min fornemeste opgave er at afhjælpe dine smerter og ubalancer i kroppen. Klinik Soleus kan hjælpe dig af med stort set alle former for smerter, men også mange andre ubalancer så som lindring af stress, øjensygdomme, allergi osv. Vores behandlinger indbefatter fysiurgisk. Ultrasound demonstrates fluid deep to medial gastrocnemius and superficial to the soleus muscle, most prominent at the level of the myotendinous junction. A tear in the deep surface of gastrocnemius may be seen as a disruption in contour and echogenicity of muscle fibers. A torn plantaris tendon may also be identified. MR

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Solus definition is - alone —often used in stage directions Soleus-lihaksen origo on pohjeluussa (os. fibula) sekä sääriluussa (os. tibia). Gastrocnemius peittää soleuksen lähes kokonaan, ja sen origo on reisiluun (os. femoris) mediaalisen ja lateraalisen nivelnastan takaosassa. Kolmipäisen pohjelihaksen päätehtävä on ylemmän nilkkanivelen plantaarifleksio, mutta kaksoiskantalihas osallistuu. The Soleus Nail & Skin Restorative System. Special concept in restoring your skin and nails. A solution for dry, cracked, skin, thickened, toenails, fungu PRO VEŘEJNOST : Cvičení : Svaly autoterapie : Svaly dolní končetiny : 63. TROJHLAVÝ SVAL LÝTKOVÝ - M. SOLEUS

1 Solutions. coils are iced up and unit is shutting off. Gave. Soleus Air Air Conditioner EL-PAC-08E9. 0 Solutions. My soleus air 8000 btu portable air conditioner ke. Soleus Air Air Conditioner 000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner and 14. 1 Solutions. I had my ac on at 68 degrees and went to turn it d Context: Limited ankle dorsiflexion (DF) range of motion has been correlated with decreased flexibility of the gastrocnemius/soleus complex. Decreased ankle DF range of motion can lead to an increase in lower-extremity injuries, for example, acute ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy Soleus Air Dehumidifier GL-DEH-70EIP-6. 0 Solutions. does not have any water in bucket and has been run. Soleus Air Dehumidifier SG-DEH-30M-1. 1 Solutions. How to empty the dehumidifier. Soleus Air Dehumidifier GL-DEH-50-2 50. 1 Solutions. The unit is turning on and making all the right no The soleus does not usually respond well to direct massage in my experience. At first, I tried traditional sports massage, involving massage strokes along all parts of my lower leg. This only made my soleus more sore. Therefore, do not directly massage your lower leg. This includes foam rolling-don't do it The soleus muscle is located on the back of your leg just above the Achilles tendon, extending up to the main calf muscle. Because it's used to generate power for pushing off the ground with the foot, it's subject to injury, overuse and fatigue if not stretched properly

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Soleus Syndrome. The soleus muscle originates on the backside of the tibia and fibula and runs deep to the inner and outer heads of the calf muscle (gastrocnemius). The soleus extends down beyond the gastric muscle and joins the covering of the gastrocnemius called the aponeurosis to form the Achilles tendon NEW: Soleus Air 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Internal Pump HMT-D70EIP-A. 4 out of 5 stars. (17) 17 product ratings - NEW: Soleus Air 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Internal Pump HMT-D70EIP-A. $129.00. $69.96 shipping. 14 watching

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For soleus muscles, however, no difference in sP(o) was observed. Following two lengthening contractions, EDL muscles from MSTN(-/-) mice had a greater force deficit than that of MSTN(+/+) or MSTN(+/-) mice, whereas no differences were observed for the force deficits of soleus muscles A soleus muscle injury may be underestimated and misinterpreted as not being clinically important, due to its chronic clinical characteristics and the fact that, in many cases, this pathology does. The soleus is the largest muscle of the triceps surae and the main muscle to lift and accelerate the centre of mass during locomotion [14,15]. During the stance phase of running, the fascicles of the soleus muscle shorten when activated, contributing to the ankle joint mechanical work/power output . The. Product Title Soleus HI1-50-03 5,000 Watt Electric Garage Heater Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $107.32 $ 107 . 32 List List Price $139.65 $ 139 . 6

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Top replacement parts for Soleus room air conditioners. User interface control board. The user interface control board is a circuit board with selection buttons and display components, which is mounted on the control panel of the air conditioner. The user interface control board sends signals to the electronic control board to communicate the. 0 Answers. My Soleus dehumidifier worked fine, 3 moths old. It was draining thru the hose, no kinks, but now the bucket is filling, nothing is coming out hose. checked the hose, filters are clean. Help. Push a wire up the hose or use low pressure compressed air , it may be clogged. Read full answer The soleus is an ankle plantar flexor that originates from the posterior surface of the proximal fibula and the soleal line or medial border of the tibial shaft (see figure 1). It joins the calcaneal, or Achilles, tendon along with gastrocnemius muscles to insert into the posterior aspect of the calcaneus

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Certain Soleus brand units can operate in temperatures down to 36 degrees. If it is colder than this, turn off your unit until the temperatures rise above these thresholds. Advertisement Step 3 Check the filter for dirt and buildup. Unplug the unit from the electrical source and check the filter by opening the filter compartment What is the soleus muscle? Soleus muscle injury and soreness is often experienced by longer distance runners. The outer calf muscles are powerful and built with fast-twitch fibres - they're perfect for sprints and fast, explosive movements. Slow twitch muscles power the longer distances at steady paces, and that's where the soleus comes in

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Soleus Capital Management is a hedge fund with 7 clients and discretionary assets under management (AUM) of $529,502,761 (Form ADV from 2021-04-05). Their last reported 13F filing for Q2 2021 included $650,276,000 in managed 13F securities and a top 10 holdings concentration of 57.73% The soleus accessory muscle is a rare anatomical variation. It usually appears as a soft tissue mass and may be mistaken for a tumour or an inflammatory lesion. The differential diagnoses include ganglion, lipoma, haemangioma, synovioma, and sarcoma. This is a report of such a muscle mass in the leg of a young athlete with 16 years follow up. A review of the English literature on this subject. Soleus H-Reflex Gain Modulation in Young and Elderly Adults. For the young adults, the statistically significant lower soleus H-reflex gain in the natural stance position compared with lying was a meaningful and large decrease, based on the suggested criterion for interpreting the effect size calculated with the t test Interestingly, in the pushoff phase, soleus shortened at velocities between 0.12 and 0.16V max [based on a resting fascicle length of 35.4 mm (Maganaris et al., 1998) and a V max for soleus of 6 lengths s-1 (Geyer and Herr, 2010)], which is close to the predicted optimum efficiency , and was independent of walking speed and duration. Based on.

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One crucial function of soleus is the contribution to a prolonged biped posture [14] Baudry, Penzer, & Duchateau, 2014) in a tonic way. In this line of thought, we can assume that phasic activity. Soleus H-reflex recruitment curve, obtained while one representative elderly subject stood, showing mean H-reflex and M-wave amplitudes for five or more stimuli at each stimulus intensity. The stimulus intensity used initially for nerve stimulation while the subject walked was the stimulation that produced the maximum H-reflex amplitude during. The soleus (Image 1) is the largest and strongest muscle in the calf. It gains its power from its complex configuration, attaching to its corresponding tendons at a 45-degree slant (called a multi-pennate structure) in multiple rows. The muscle starts at the top of the calf and attaches to the Achilles tendon at the bottom soleus ( n.) a broad flat muscle in the calf of the leg under the gastrocnemius muscle; Synonyms: soleus muscle. From wordnet.princeton.edu

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